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Francis Frasard/Frasier

Photo taken about 1890 (Detroit Michigan).
Contributed by Grandson William F. Frasard


Welcome to this family website. There are currently over 17,000 names on this site. If you are a cousin of any of these last names, you may find your ancestors listed here. You'll also find thousands of photos and images of documents. If you have information you would like to share or want me to correct information, please contact me.

A special thank-you to the following cousins who have shared family information, photos, and inspiration:

Allweiss Family: Gershon Allweiss, Helga Allweiss, Martin Peter Allweiss, Nathan Allweiss, Jody Alweis, David Conway, Lester Goldschmidt, Andrew M. Greene, Esther Allweiss Ingber, Joshua Jasper, Hyman Kramer, Adam McKinney, Edith Allweiss Niesen, Stuart Russell, Tillie Pinck and daughters Gail Talon Willson, and Wendy Talon Wolff.

Frasard - Fresard - Frasor Family: Jim Frasard, William Frasard, Ken Schroeder, Dorothy Frasard VanDeSteene.

King - Roy Family: Therese Dulong Dimet, Alice Littlefair King and Larry King, Mary Conway King.

Ruhnau Family: Dorothy Frasard VanDeSteene, Louise Voight Krease, Gene Dennis, Richard Ruhnau, Sandra Kay Ruhnau.

Family File last updated November 28, 2021

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Solomon Hersch Allweiss

Photo taken about 1897 (New York, N.Y.).
Contributed by Great Grandson Andrew M. Greene

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